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American Heritage Academy

School Profile

American Heritage Academy represents a partnership between the scholar, parents, teachers, administration, and staff. These partners are united in their commitment to the common objectives outlined in the school’s mission statement.

American Heritage Academy takes very seriously its responsibility to promote the spiritual and academic development of its scholars; however, it also recognizes that parents are primarily and ultimately responsible for their children in this regard. Thus, parents at American Heritage Academy expect and appreciate direct and regular communication from the faculty concerning individual needs of their children. Reciprocally, teachers and administrators at American Heritage Academy expect parents to be responsive to requests and recommendations given to parents with respect to individual needs of the scholars.

Academic excellence, along with responsible citizenship and character development, is of particular emphasis at American Heritage Academy. The bulk of our teaching is based upon a methodology developed by the Foundation for American Christian Education (FACE), which implements a principle approach to education (see The Principle Approach®). This principle-based approach provides natural opportunities for both academic and religious education in every subject and at every grade level.

Teachers at American Heritage Academy take a tutorial approach to education in order to meet each scholar at his/her threshold of learning. Teachers prepare lessons and set expectations according to individual scholar ability. 

General Information
State Nevada(NV) City Henderson
School Name American Heritage Academy Type Co-ed
Founded Grade PK-12
Religious Affiliation Christian Accommodation Type Homestay
Nearest Airport Website
Telephone (702) 949-5614 School Type Private
Address 2100 Olympic Avenue, Henderson, NV 89014
Total Enrolled Student 525 Enrolled 9th-12th 250
AP/Honors Provided ESL Provided
% to go Colleges Over 90%
Admission Requirements

Step 1:
Student submits:

Application for Enrollment with $125 application fee.
Immunization records showing compliance with Nevada state law.
Academic transcripts for the past two years.
Official signed statement of current bank account balance, reflecting adequate funds to cover tuition and living expenses.
Student arranges for home stay, submits U.S. address to AHA and provides certificate of health insurance coverage to AHA via mail.
American Heritage Academy issues I-20 to student OR requests I-20 transfer from student’s current school.
Student pays I-901 fee to U.S. Embassy or Consulate

Present I-20 form to U.S. Embassy or Consulate with other F visa requirements

Tuition and Living Expenses

Fees & Payments
Year  2019   8th  $ 0.00   9th  $ 9,500.00
Tuition for international students is $9,500 per year. Other living expenses are estimated as follows:
Book Fees, Uniforms, Personal computer, Student Health Insurance
Student health insurance is not available through American Heritage Academy and must be purchased separately.
Other Questionnaire
AP, Honors, Clubs & Others
Acceptances of Colleges after graduation
School Map
No Map
School Pictures

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