Grace Christian School

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Grace Christian School

School Profile
General Information
State Michigan(MI) City Watervliet
School Name Grace Christian School Type Co-ed
Founded 1974 Grade K-12
Religious Affiliation Christian Accommodation Type Homestay
Nearest Airport Website
Telephone (269) 463-5545 School Type Private
Address 325 N M-140, Watervliet, MI 49098
Total Enrolled Student 165 Enrolled 9th-12th 55
AP/Honors ESL
% to go Colleges
Admission Requirements
Fees & Payments
Year  2016   8th  $ 6,360.00   9th  $ 6,590.00
Other Questionnaire
AP, Honors, Clubs & Others
Acceptances of Colleges after graduation
School Map
No Map
School Pictures

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